Natural Fibre Crafts - SISAL (Agave Sisalana)

All our products are made of SIASAL (Agave sisalana),local country plant that grows as bushes in drought areas of southern India.This plant belongs to Agave family and its fibre is extracted from its leaf.The leaf is fleshy and rigid.Each leaf is about 0.8 to 1.5 meter long and 7.6 cm wide at the base.These leaves are plucked from the mature palnt and these leaves are brought to our place.A long knife is used to extract the fibre from the leaf.The raw figre is wet,watery, strong,flexible and soft to make decorative items.

The fibre is dried in the sun for three to four days.After that the fibre can be dyed to create unique shades which brings value addition to the product.chemicals and natural dyes are used to get different colours.Table salt is used during the drying process to make the fibre more stronger.The dyed fibre is kept under direct sunlight for two or three days and in shadow for a day before they are used for making the products.Yarn is taken from the fibre with a spidle.The yarn twined from the fibre is used to make different natural fibre craft materials.

Our natural product is a better alternative for plastic polythene products.

Our Products:

Placement Mats

Wall Decorations

Body Scrubbers


Lamp Shades


House hold products

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