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Coco peat products supplied and distributed worldwide by SS Coco Products are guaranteed to be very high quality. They are manufactured to comply with the best quality and packing requirements of customers. SS Coco Products offers wide range of products specially made for customer's tastes.

Compressed 5 Kg Coco peat Blocks (SSE5)


Block dimension (± 2 cm) : 30 x 30 x 10 cm
Unit Weight (± 3%) : 5 Kgs
Moisture : 10 - 15 %
Compression Ratio : 5 : 1
Dehydrated Yields : 75 Litres
Packing : Palletized- stretch wrapped & strapped / Non-palletized bare block
  loading on container floor.

Blocks are available in 6 grades Coco peat

Product Code Product Name Uses
1. SSE5S SS Standard 5 Kg Potting mixes, Landscaping and Soil conditioning.
2. SSE5F SS Fine 5 Kg Seed Raising substrates and for Golf Green construction.Contains no fibre.
3. SSE5C SS Course 5 Kg At the requirements of higher air filled porosity and lower water holding capacity. Ideal for growing crops in cooler seasons.
4. SSE5MF SS Fibre Mixed 5 Kg It is used to reduce decomposition rate .
5. SSE5AB SS Absorbent 5 Kg It is used in the field of absorption. We are producing according to customers' specific requirements
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