We are successfully ranked amongst top exporters, wholesalers and supplier of supreme quality Yellow Corn (MAIZE), which is spread all around the world and highly cherished by our clients. Our wide range encompasses the high nutritious value, delicious taste and essential vitamins & minerals. Further, this is packed in the bags of varying weights and make sure these are free from pests, moisture or heat. In addition, customized packaging is also made accessible at market leading prices.With the help of our vast modern storage facility we are able to fulfill whatever quantity our customer requires at their periodical demand schedule and are thus keeping up our commitment to our customer.

Human Feed Yellow Corn

Mainly used for making Pop Corn.Maize contains 1.2 to 5.7 % edible oil. Maize oil is widely used as a cooking medium and for manufacturing of hydrogenated oil. The oil has the quality of reducing cholesterol in the human blood like sunflower oil. The fat content of the oil is about 80%.

Used In



Corn bread

Corn Flour

We Export & supply premium quality corn flour, which is sourced from legitimate vendors. Corn flour offered by us is used in bakeries to prepare sweets, sauces, custards, puddings and desserts. These are produced by grinding the superior quality flour under hygienic conditions. We can supply corn flour in various sizes of packing. Degermed corn flour is a fine granulation product milled to a uniform, consistent texture, and doesn't use any chemicals or preservatives. Applications include: bakery mixes, extruded cereals, extenders, or cotters and breading.

used In

The making cakes and other bakery products.

Certain deserts,puddings and fruit pie fillings.

It is blended with wheat flour for preparing yeasted breads.

Mexican dishes for making tortillas, tamales and dumplings.

Poultry Feed Maize

The predominant feedgrain used in poultry feeds worldwide is MAIZE.This is mainly because its energy source is starch, which is highly digestible for poultry.Maize contains 60 to 68% starch and 7 to 15% protein. Opaque seeded types are more nutrition's and contains a high percentage of essential amino acids. The embryo which forms about 12% of the whole grain is the source of protein, fats and sugars. Yellow maize is the richest sources of Vitamin-A. Maize has more riboflavin than wheat or rice and is rich in phosphorous and potash.We are engaged in exporting yellow maize for animal consumption at market leading prices. The yellow maize for animal is carefully processed under the supervision of experts. The product is highly beneficial for the health of animals.


Third party inspection agencies are deputed at each point of loading for each and every export orders. We ensure that the maize is dry and is below 14% moisture which is accepted as per international standards. Maize is clean and dirt free allowing better usage for all importers.

Specification Offered

Foreign Matter3.00% Maximum
Weevil-led seeds2.00% Maximum
Moisture14.00% Maximum
Damaged otherwise 6.00% Maximum
Discolored/Immature seeds3.00% Maximum
Broken seeds3.00% Maximum
Admixture2.00% Maximum
Aflatoxin5 - 50 PPB Maximum (By TLC method DL)


50kg/100kg-jute/pp bags or loose in container


SGS- QSS (or) any other agency as per your requirements