Dry Red Chilly

Indian Chillies are the most famous in the world and have huge demand in the overseas market. India continues to be the main producer and exporter of most varieties of Chilli to countries like Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Middle East, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Turkey, U.K., USA & Latin America. Chilies have two peculiar characteristics in it, first is their color which is due to the presence of a pigment called Capsanthin in it and the second is its biting pungency which is due to presence Capsaicin in it. Chilies form an important part of curries and various popular dishes.Some of the major chilly producing centers in India are Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra,Karnataka, Rajasthan & Assam.

In terms of quantity amongst all the qualities grown in India the production of S-4 Chilly (the quality displayed in photo) is the highest. Due to its bulk production and availability through out the year this quality is very popular and is in big demand through out the world. S-4 Quality is widely grows in Guntur, Warangal, and Khammam districts of Andhra Pradesh. Their skin is thick, red & hot & has its peak harvesting season from December to May.

Medicinal Properties

Red chillies are very rich in vitamin C and pro-vitamin A. In addition, they are a good source of most B vitamins and vitamin B6 in particular. They are very high in potassium and high in magnesium and iron. Their high vitamin C content can also substantially increase the uptake of from the intestine. Chillies are a vital source of vitamin C content i.e. 91 milligrams in 1/4 cup of fresh chillies. Though we don't eat chilli in large quantities, the amount of vitamin C is still significant.Red chillies are full of beta-carotene.

Crushed Red Chilli

Crushed red peppers include the seeds, increasing the heat intensity. These peppers have a powerful medicinal component called capsaicin and are also filled with an assortment of vitamins such as A, B and C that can aid in healing a variety of ailments from having antioxidant factors to cancer-fighting agents. Using crushed red peppers can be part of a more healthy diet.Crushed red peppers work as a powerful digestive aid. They appear to stimulate the flow of saliva as well as stomach secretions according to Michael Castleman, medical journalist and author of the book The Ultimate Guide to the Curative Power of Nature's Medicines.? Saliva has enzymes that help break down carbohydrates, and the stomach secretions containing gastric juices help digest food. Crushed red peppers can be added to foods or taken before a meal in water with honey or maple syrup.

Standard Packing :- 25 Kgs / 15 Kgs /10 Kgs Nett In New Singe Jute Bags..

Quantity Stuffed in FCL :- 20 FCL-6.50 M.Tons, 40 FCL-13.00 M.Tons

Chilly Powder

Chilli Powder is mainly used in cooking purpose. We supplies Chilli Powder with High Grade and Natural, High Quality, Best Colour, Best Flavour, Taste Enhancer .We have been involved in production and supply of world class chilly powders that are made from best hand picked chillies procured from best cultivators and retail vendors from all over India. Further these chillies are hygienically processed into advanced manufacturing unit and grinded properly to make perfect ready to use powder.


1. Aflotoxin B-1: 2pp by HPLC Method

2. Moisture : 5.5% by ASTA Method

3. B1, B2 & B3 0.5%

Free from all Sudan Dies (HPLC Method)

Standard Packing :- 25 Kgs / 15 Kgs /10 Kgs Nett In New Singe Jute Bags..

Quantity Stuffed in FCL :- 20 FCL-6.50 M.Tons, 40 FCL-13.00 M.Tons