Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should i do if i want to purchase a product from SS EXIM?
If you are interested to buy a product from SS EXIM,e-mail us the product name,description of the product,quantity and your destination Port.As we receive your e-mail/call, we will reply you within 24 hours.
2. Will you send us the product sample?
If the product is available,we will ask you to send us the amount of product through direct Bank Transfer.If the product sample is not available, we will inform you.
3. What is your Payment mode?
our payment mode is 100% Irrevocable Letter of credit ( L/C) or Direct Bank Transfer.
4. If i want to buy your products,will i receive quality product?
SS EXIM gives you 100% guarantee in quality.Every product is checked by our quality supervisor prior to packaging.
5. How will i receive my merchandise?
As per the contract through SHIP or AIR.
6. If I am not satisfied with the quality of product,can i return the product and will you return my money ?

No, We will not return your money back. At first we send a counter Sample before starting production of the product.We make two samples. We send one sample to our buyer & keep the second sample with us.On receiving the confirmation from our buyer,we start production according to sample approved by buyer.If the merchandise you receive from us has any defect,you will have to inform us within 7 days on receiving our merchandise.It never happens as we care a lot about quality.

On receiving the complaint from you our quality controller will review the product for defective results. If he finds any genuine complaint. We will take the matter seriously and will give you compensation. Or We will replace the product/products. We will send the replacement of merchandise in your next order consignment.

7. I already have sufficient number of Suppliers. Why should i contact SS EXIM?
If you have any problem with your existing Supplier, If you are not receiving quality product in time from your existing vendor, If your vendor is demanding high prices for his products...Then You must contact SS EXIM.
8. If I provide our own designs & drawings to you, Will SS EXIM develope those designs for me?
Sure! We will be pleased. We will develop new samples once we get confirmation from you.
9. Who is the Export Manager of SS EXIM?
Karthik is the Export Manager.
10. Whom should i contact to finalize my orders ?
Surendran Subramanian (CEO) or Karthik to finalize the order.